Premacon Motorflansch für das wedico Getriebe

    • [1:14 Wedico]

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    • Premacon Motorflansch für das wedico Getriebe

      Hat jemand Erfahrung mit dem Einsatz von Premacon Motorflansch zur Montage eines LRP Truck Puller Motors oder Faulhaber 3557? Ich würde gerne mehr Leistung aus meiner wedico Cat 740 herausholen.
      Motor flange for Wedico gearbox. With this flange, the following engines can be mounted on a Wedico transmission: 3557r Lye, LRP Truckpuller, Robbe Truck and others with the same hole pattern
    • I have just scored on a 3557K012CR in new condition.
      I resumed the standard Buehler engine at 6440 rpm and swapped it for the 5300 rpm 3557K012CR.

      On my home test track, All, which is designed for 11' feet long on carpet, I ran in 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 3rd gear with 1 liter of water in bed on the floor.

      I then swapped the engines and made the same average runs

      In first gear, the Bühler engine got 3.0 seconds faster
      In second gear, the Bühler engine was 1.0 seconds faster
      In third gear, the Bühler engine has the same speed as the 3557k012CR
      3rd gear with 1 gallon of water in bed, the 3557k012CR is 0:10 seconds faster.

      On flat terrain without load, the Bühler engine has a higher top speed in 1st and 2nd gear, but both engines were equally fast in 3rd gear.
      Where the 3557k012CR is loaded. In 3rd gear with no or 1 gallon of water, the speed was the same and did not change.
      The Bühler engine slowed down considerably. I added the 1 gallon of water.
      I will definitely enjoy the extra torque of the 3557k012cr and will spend more time in 2nd and 3rd gear while the Buhler was only the 1st and 2nd

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    • Turboliner schrieb:

      Hello I have so to Wedico CAT 740 and I want to change to Faulhaber Engine My question is how does the engine shaft fit with the wedico gearbox? Is the Engine shaft from the Faulhaber Not to Short? Sincerely, Nick
      You are right, the motor shaft is short when using the Premacon motor flange. However, you must use this flange to install the engine on the Wedico transmission. See pictures below.
      Currently I do not like my setup. The 11mm original pinion is attached to the top of the motor shaft with the setscrew. The pinion also sits on 50% of the Wedico transmission. Again, I feel uncomfortable with my current setup. I wish premacon can make a longer sprocket with 12 teeth. Maybe 17mm long is perfect. ,