Switch model on radio?

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  • Im going mad soon i think, i have done some testing this evening.

    1. CTI module 1 in my excavator binds all good from the switch, i can
    run it for about 30 secs to 3 minutes before my left track goes slower
    in reverse, or the whole CTI unit shuts down.

    I have tryed a lot of things today, i have tryed different servos, i
    thought maybe one servo was bad and messed up the binding, i tryed just
    the tracks and pump to see if it worked, still the same thing.

    I also tryed without the CTI module, then everything works like it
    should, i think i will throw the CTI module in the garbage can!

    2. CTI module 2 in my dumper, it only binds at times, sometimes first
    try, sometimes i have to restart the radio and flip the switch and
    repeat that until it binds, if i unplug the battery to my excavator the
    dumper binds directly.

    This really makes me upset, i cant understand why it doesnt work, only
    thing i can think of now is that my excavator reciver is bad and causing
    the problem with my excavator, cant think of anything else.

    I cant understand why the excavator binds all good but the dumper does
    not, only when the excavator is shut off the dumper will bind.

    I guess i have to get up and down in that damn chair this summer!