Leimbach 0H104 with 0H995(12V) in Wedico 966G?

  • Hi

    Does anyone know if this will fit my Wedico 966G ??

    I can't find any drawings to compare mounting holes

    I believe the combination of Leimbach 0H104 with 0H995(12V) will give the CAT the power it needs :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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  • 0H104 is setup for approximately 11bar, same as your original pump, unless you increase the pressure since the pump is capable of upto 16bar with a brushless motor 0H995. My guess is the mounting holes are identical to your original pump.

  • Yes but 0H0104 give much more ml than original and that's why its a slow CAT (380ml standard)

    So the 0H0104 with brushless give 600ml and think its going to be big improvement

    I saw at getriebedoktor the 200 ml and 450ml (0H0104) have same holes so the 380ml think have same