Problems with dxr2 Caterpillar D10t

  • Hi to all of you guys here on the forum, a newbie here. :Winker:

    Wll, I have this Caterpillar D10t dxr2, that I got last year. Almost as soon as I got it I ranned into problems, just because my lack of knowledge on the subject.

    I have very strong two t55 brushed motors, and after some time of hard working i the garden the right motors begins to sudenly stops working. Some electricians did some 'repair', but as soon as they did, the other motor, the left one burned. And afterwords brushless pump gets burned too, and it didn't respond to radio controls.

    Now I fix all that, but the problem arose that right engine started to rotate backwards instead of forward, and vice versa. And after several minutes the Esc got burned.

    What I'm asking here is advices on how to wire the electronics with Escs and motors, because everything works fine, just that motor doesn't, and I really don't know how to wire it to electronics, Esc or motors.

    So, big please if someone can help me and show me how and where to wire all those wires from three Escs (one is brushless, Skywalker) and two others, with pair of motors to circuits.

    Here are some pictures:

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