Radlader Maghom oder CTI

  • Hallo

    I want to buy my first new wheel loader,my budget will be arround 2000 euro.

    I was looking for a magom hydraulic Liebherr L574 or a building kit from CTI for the Liebherr wheel loader.

    Some advice here what will be the best option.

    Ist for driving on parcour,not really heavy load.

    You can awnser in German Language.

  • Hello Technicjan,

    as far as I can see it mainly depends on the system you want to operate with. CTI is using only electric driven cylinders, while Magom uses a whole hydraulic System. Its clear that the hydraulic system is more capable of carrying heavy loads. But it also requires more maintenance. As you said you dont want to carry heavy loads. Also with a loader you normally digging things like loose gravel. So I think I would recommend you the CTI product. Also because you dont gonna have problems with leakage at the hydraulic components.